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    7 November 2021 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run Hyde Park, London, UK The world’s longest running motoring event commemorates the Emancipation Run of November 1896 which celebrated the passing into law of the Locomotive on the Highway Act. Organisers' website 12-14 November 2021 Classic Motor Show 2021 NEC Birmingham, UK The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, which brings together a great array of classic car and motorcycle clubs along with their iconic classic and vintage cars and motorbikes, is an event not to be missed. Organisers' website 21 November 2021 Newark Car and Motorcycle Autojumbles Newark and Notts Showground, Coddington, UK A great day out for any car or motorcycle enthusiast, the 'Normous Newark Autojumble offers a vast array of parts, restoration services, and related products for a variety of vehicles on ten separate Sundays throughout the year. Organisers' website 23 January 2022 MG and Triumph Spares Day 2022 Telford International Centre, Telford, UK Classic car enthusiasts can explore a wealth of traders, jumblers and service providers showcasing their wares. It’s the perfect place to meet like-minded hobbyists and pick up advice, hints, and tips from the people who know the ins and outs of these stunning marques. Organisers' website 18 March 2022 Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show NEC Birmingham, UK The Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show is the show to attend whether you are looking to reignite your passion for cars, finish a restoration project or simply want to reminisce with family and friends over the beautiful completed classic cars on display. Organisers' website 4 June 2022 Pangbourne Classic Car Show 2022 Pangbourne College, Reading, Berkshire, UK At previous events over 250 amazing vehicles were on display in the glorious Berkshire sunshine, and raised an amazing £4000 for Charity. Organisers' website Prev 1 1 ... 1 ... 1 Next Events

  • First 911 with new EV kit delivered

    News First 911 with new EV kit delivered Thursday, 30 March 2023 at 11:00:00 UTC By Al Suttie Electrogenic delivers first customer ‘plug and play’ 911 The first EV-converted Porsche 911 to use Electrogenic’s ‘plug and play’ electrification kit has been delivered to its new owner. Using Electrogenic’s drop-in EV conversion, the car comes with a 160kW water-cooled motor that delivers 215bhp and 230lb ft of torque. It drives the rear wheels via a single-speed transmission, giving 0-60mph in less than five seconds. The conversion is based on a 1985 G-series 911 and is fitted with a backdated kit to give it the look of a 1973 2.7 RS. Included in the kit are modern EV features such as Eco, Sport, and Traffic driving modes, as well as regenerative braking. The car has a driving range of up to 200 miles and recharging can be completed in as little as 50 minutes using a rapid charger. Inside, the car has repurposed instruments to give vital information about battery charge and range, and there is an electric cabin heater. Steve Drummond, co-founder of Electrogenic, said: ‘The delivery of this special 911 marks the start of an exciting new chapter for Electrogenic. The kits enable us to offer our market-leading, ‘plug and play’ EV technology to customers around the globe, and at scale, taking our business to a whole new level. ‘We’ve been inundated with interest from all over the globe since we launched the kits, and we’re now looking forward to delivering truly transformative clean and reliable electric motoring to enthusiasts the world over, working in close partnership with our fast-growing network of installers. This really is just the start, so stay tuned for further exciting announcements in the coming months.’

  • Swedish couple win appeal over Jaguar C-type replica

    News Swedish couple win appeal over Jaguar C-type replica Friday, 24 March 2023 at 15:00:00 UTC By Al Suttie Magnussons overturn court ruling A Swedish couple have won their appeal against Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) that means they are now free to continue building their C-type replica. The original court ruling went in favour of JLR and would have meant Karl and AnneChristine Magnusson having to scrap their handmade car and pay 1 million SEK in damages to the British car manufacturer. However, the Svea Court of Appeal has now ruled that JLR had no right to claim copyright infringement over the replica built by the Magnussons. Crucially, the court also found that there has been a global market for replicas for several decades that Jaguar has accepted and supported, and this constitutes a general consent. The court also stated that JLR can withdraw its general consent and this should serve as a warning to replica builders. Mr. Magnusson does not want to speculate why JLR chose to sue him and his wife in Sweden, considering that there are thousands of C-type replicas in the world.

  • Hagerty launches Private Client service

    News Hagerty launches Private Client service Wednesday, 22 March 2023 at 10:30:00 UTC By Al Suttie New insurance service for cars and collections worth more than £250,000 Hagerty has launched its new Private Client service for cars and collections with a value of more than £250,000. Aimed at collectors, existing customers who qualify will have their policy updated. A dedicated team has been allocated to the Private Client service and the new scheme includes a Diminished Value element. This will cover a proportion of the cost of any reduction in the car’s value due to a claim up to the value of £500,000. Another benefit of the Private Client service is Cherished Salvage that gives the owner the right to retain the car in the event of a total loss claim while still receiving the full financial settlement. Mark Roper, Hagerty International Managing Director, said: ‘Whilst this new product requires an insured value of at least £250,000 for a client to be eligible, this can be calculated from a collection, or a single vehicle and Hagerty experts will value each client collection with unrivalled accuracy using our market leading valuation data.’

  • Bentley to race Blower Continuation

    News Bentley to race Blower Continuation Wednesday, 22 March 2023 at 10:00:00 UTC By Al Suttie First Bentley works entry in 20 years with Blower Bentley is to make its first works entry in motorsport in 20 years with the first of its Blower Continuation cars. Using Blower Car Zero, as the first of the Continuation series is known, Bentley will compete at the Donington Historic Festival on 29-30 April. This will be followed by the Le Mans Classic on 29 June to 3 July, and then at Spa on 28-30 September. Modifications to allow Blower Car Zero to go racing have been minor, and safety-related. They include the installation of a rain light, wing mirrors, towing points, a fire extinguisher and a battery isolation switch. The car also now holds an Historic Technical Passport (HTP), that certifies the car as eligible to compete in FIA-sanctioned events for historic vehicles. To prepare for its racing debut, Car Zero recently completed a six-hour endurance test at full race pace, at the Goodwood Motor Circuit. Driven by Stuart Morley (GB), the car performed flawlessly throughout the test, covering 380 miles and averaging 83 miles per hour. Paul Williams, Mulliner’s Chief Technical Officer, said: ‘By going racing with Blower Car Zero, we will prove the performance, authenticity and durability of our Continuation Series by taking on the original competition, and give our customers confidence that they too can take their continuation cars to the track. ‘We’ve already proved the quality of the engineering within the car by completing a tough test of several hours at race pace around Goodwood, and it’s now time for the car to be unleashed for real racing. We’ll take the learnings from this race programme and apply them to the upcoming Speed Six Continuation Series, for which the first engineering car is in build now.’

  • MST to build new 6R4s

    News MST to build new 6R4s Wednesday, 22 March 2023 at 9:45:00 UTC By Al Suttie New 6R4 due from MST Motorsport Tools has announced it will build new 6R4s in the same way it offers its Mk1 and M2 models presently. The car has the same looks as the original MG Metro 6r$, but MST’s using a brand-new carbon fibre body from Innovate Composites. Power will come from a mid-engined V6 motor, though MST is yet to confirm the full specification of the 6R4. However, it will come with a sequential manual gearbox and four-wheel drive. Production is set to begin in 2024 and the company is open to customers registering their interest.

  • Electrogenic widens drop-in EV conversion range

    News Electrogenic widens drop-in EV conversion range Tuesday, 15 November 2022 at 14:15:00 UTC By Al Suttie New kits offer easier EV conversions for classics Electrogenic has expanded its range of ‘drop-in’ EV classic car conversions to include the Jaguar E-type, Land Rover Defender, and Porsche 911. The Oxford-based firm’s kits will sold through its networks of approved installers and include a bespoke Battery Management System. Steve Drummond, co-founder and director of Electrogenic, said: ‘We’re delighted to announce the expansion of our sector-leading ‘drop-in’ EV conversion kits, marking the next chapter in the development of our rapidly growing Powered by Electrogenic business. ‘Powered by Electrogenic EV conversion kits, devised by our expert team in the UK, deliver our world-class EV conversion technology - defined by exhaustive development and real depth of engineering - all in an easy to install package. ‘Our range of drop-in kits will sympathetically inject these much-loved cars with cutting-edge EV drivetrain technology, delivering exceptional driveability, performance and efficiency - future proofing these iconic machines and readying them for the fast-approaching age of sustainable, low-carbon motoring. The kits will be offered globally via our exclusive international network of installation partners, enabling us to reach a wider audience than ever before – scaling our business to meet the surging global demand that exists for EV conversion technology.’ The kits offer a driving range of between 120- and 160 miles depending on the vehicle being converted.

  • Bell Sport & Classic reveal details of three-year Ferrari restoration

    News Bell Sport & Classic reveal details of three-year Ferrari restoration Wednesday, 26 October 2022 at 10:30:00 UTC By Al Suttie Salon Privé-winning restoration process revealed Bell Sport & Classic has revealed the details behind its restoration of the Ferrari 330 GTC that won the 2022 Salon Privé Concours d’Elegance in September. The Ferrari was the only car in its class that also took part in the two-day Salon Privé tour prior to the concours judging. The firm’s Managing Director, Tim Kearns, said: ‘It’s a fundamental part of our philosophy that we just don’t build a car to get maximum points from the judges in a concours, it’s got to drive beautifully, too. The 330 GTC was the only car in its class to take part in the Salon Privé tour in the lead up to the event. ‘Every car we restore, while flawless visually, has got to perform at the highest possible level. It’s got to be a true driver’s car. And it has to be capable of being used every day of the week even if it isn’t.’ The three-year restoration started with a complete removal of the interior, which took two weeks, followed by all exterior trim being removed. Only then did the team move on to removing the engine, gearbox, and suspension. Many components were restored rather than replaced, including the original 14-inch magnesium wheels, which were badly corroded and kerbed. Original factory build sheets were used to confirm the car’s specification and helped to match the pale green paint, which is called Verde Chiaro Metallizato. Bell Sport & Classic’s Head of Acquisition and Sales, Peter Smith, said: ‘With this Ferrari 330 GTC, we have created a car that looks perfect from first glance right down to the details you will never see. We believe passionately that beauty is so much more than skin-deep. That’s why, if you took this car apart, every component would look new, even though it is 56-years old. ‘Versus the more famous V12 Ferraris of the period, the 330 GTC hides its light under a relative bushel, but it is such a wonderful combination of style and performance that this is one Ferrari unlikely to remain underrated for much longer.’

  • London show attracts more than 20,000 visitors

    News London show attracts more than 20,000 visitors Tuesday, 28 February 2023 at 15:15:00 UTC By Al Suttie Olympia venue is a hit with crowds The London Classic Car Show was on good form as it welcomed more than 20,000 visitors over three days at the Olympia venue. More than 4000 visitors entered the show hall within the first half hour of the show opening. As well as the cars on display, there was a live stage and trade stands. Historics Auctioneers held a sale with 104 lots and enjoyed a60% sale rate on the day, with others under negotiation post-auction. Now in its ninth year, the London Classic Car Show has become a popular event on the capital’s calendar. Several traders that Classic Car Business spoke to were enjoying plenty of enquiries, though some reported converting these to sales was proving harder in the current economic climate. Electrogenic used the Olympia show to give three of their readymade EV conversion kits their public debut, and the company reported interest in these vehicles is increasing dramatically. Martin Clarke, Content Director at Brand Events, said: ‘After being away from Olympia for three years, I’m delighted to have the show back under the venue’s stunning roof once again. It’s wonderful to see such an engaged and enthusiastic audience make their way through the various exhibits, get involved in the live auction with our partner Historics Auctioneers and share in the excitement of the classic car world. This enthusiasm gives us a great platform to put on a bigger and better event for next year.’ Chris Wakley, representing Studio 434, reported good footfall on their stand and added: ‘Visitors to this show seem to be very well informed and enthusiastic about the cars and future of the sector.’

  • New Art Deco classic heater

    News New Art Deco classic heater Thursday, 10 March 2022 at 10:00:00 UTC By Al Suttie New heater system from Vintage Air Vintage Air has launched its new Streamline Heater with Art Deco styling for use in classic cars. The Streamline Heater has a moulded plastic cover, polished stainless steel trim, and is operated by a single lever. Louvres direct warm air from the bottom of the unit and it can be divided to send warm air to both passenger and driver footwells. There is a three-speed blower and electrically-controlled heater control valve, and the unit uses a CuproBraze copper and brass core. The Streamline Heater fixes to the bulkhead with two fittings to connect to the car’s cooling system. All parts to install the kit are included and it comes with a three-year warranty.

  • 96 Club offers secure classic parking in London

    News 96 Club offers secure classic parking in London Monday, 1 August 2022 at 16:00:00 UTC By CCB staff Non-members can now park securely in capital The 96 Club is now offering secure classic car parking to non-members at its garage in Chelsea Harbour, London. Classic car owners can now use the central London parking facility run by the oldest classic car and racing club in Europe. It uses ANPR number plate recognition technology to allow 24-hour access to the secure parking site. It also comes with fire detection, fire shutters, and on-site security patrols. As part of the 96 Club’s offer, there is also a concierge and vehicle engineer service. Non-members can use the facility with prices from less than £300 per month. It includes trickle chargers, and there are optional upgrades such as valeting, regular vehicle run-ups, and car preparation.

  • NEC Classic Show report

    News NEC Classic Show report Monday, 15 November 2021 at 0:00:00 UTC By Al Suttie Welcome return of NEC Classic Show The Lancaster Classic Car Show made a welcome return for companies and enthusiasts at the NEC in Birmingham on 12-14 November. A total of 63,328 visitors made the journey to Birmingham to see 3000 classic cars and 270 car clubs spread across seven halls. Silverstone Auctions reported good business at its sale during the show, with an 81% sale rate and sales total of £8.3 million for cars and £550,000 for motorcycles. This was the company’s first dedicated motorcycle sale at the NEC show, while automobilia brought in £180,000 with an 84% sale rate. However, other traders that Classic Car Business spoke to were experiencing fewer sales compared to previous years. Dougal Cawley, of Longstone Tyres, told us: ‘We didn’t sell a single tyre at this year’s show, though we hope many people we spoke to will follow up and buy from us afterwards. Footfall was decent, but people certainly seemed to be looking rather than spending.’ This sentiment was echoed by other traders, though some also reported plenty of interest. Andrew Mundy, Sales and Marketing Manager of Rimmer Bros, said: ‘It’s been a busy show for us. There are plenty of enthusiasts out there keen to work on their cars over the winter and prepare them for the 2022 season. Overall, we’re pleased with the weekend.’ Show Director Lee Masters said: ‘We were thrilled to be back at the NEC and want to send our heartfelt thanks to all the sponsors, traders, exhibitors, car clubs and visitors who have supported us. The goodwill and love we have received has been beyond our wildest dreams. It has been an emotional show for all concerned.’

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