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Alisdair Suttie


01727 739 160

Editorial features

Publication date: Q1 / 2023

  • Are you ready for modern classics? With newer classics using more electronics, air conditioning, ABS and traction control, are you equipped to work with these cars?

  • Franke Dale and Stepsons expansion plan and profile.

  • Manor Park Classics looks at state of UK auction market.

  • Trailers: what to look for when buying and what’s the law when towing?

  • Period correct tyres – do they make a car more marketable? What’s available?

Publication date: Q2 / 2023

  • Cost of living – how is it impacting the classic car sector and what can you do to minimise its effects on your business?

  • Electric conversions – what’s involved and is it something to offer with your business? What’s the law?

  • Tracking devices – from Air tags to Vodafone, what’s available and should you use them?

  • Fire safety in the workplace – are you protected?

  • Period radios – restoration and upgrades, plus modern alternatives examined.

Publication date: Q3 / 2023

  • Is finance an attractive option for selling classic cars? Can over-the-counter finance improve your business? What are the options?

  • The DVLA – how is the registration process being improved for classic vehicles?

  • Laser rust removal. Does it work, how does it work and what does it cost?

  • Recycling: what can you recycle, where and how, and what are the cost savings to your business?

  • Insuring stock in a variable market – is your policy keeping pace with the value of your showroom stock?

Publication date: Q4 / 2023

  • Would your business operate better as a co-operative? How does it work and what are the benefits and drawbacks?

  • Tax explained: accountancy experts explain how to maximise your business’ tax efficiency.

  • 3D printing and scanning – what is it, how does it work and how can it benefit your business?

  • Period correct paint finishes: how are they achieved and who can help you?

  • Exotic materials: as newer cars come into the classic sector, how to maintain, repair and restore modern, high-tech bodywork and mechanical materials.

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