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96 Club offers secure classic parking in London

Monday, 1 August 2022 at 16:00:00 UTC


CCB staff

Non-members can now park securely in capital

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The 96 Club is now offering secure classic car parking to non-members at its garage in Chelsea Harbour, London.

Classic car owners can now use the central London parking facility run by the oldest classic car and racing club in Europe. It uses ANPR number plate recognition technology to allow 24-hour access to the secure parking site. It also comes with fire detection, fire shutters, and on-site security patrols.

As part of the 96 Club’s offer, there is also a concierge and vehicle engineer service.

Non-members can use the facility with prices from less than £300 per month. It includes trickle chargers, and there are optional upgrades such as valeting, regular vehicle run-ups, and car preparation.

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