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Hagerty launches Private Client service

Wednesday, 22 March 2023 at 10:30:00 UTC


Al Suttie

New insurance service for cars and collections worth more than £250,000

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Hagerty has launched its new Private Client service for cars and collections with a value of more than £250,000.

Aimed at collectors, existing customers who qualify will have their policy updated.

A dedicated team has been allocated to the Private Client service and the new scheme includes a Diminished Value element. This will cover a proportion of the cost of any reduction in the car’s value due to a claim up to the value of £500,000.

Another benefit of the Private Client service is Cherished Salvage that gives the owner the right to retain the car in the event of a total loss claim while still receiving the full financial settlement.

Mark Roper, Hagerty International Managing Director, said: ‘Whilst this new product requires an insured value of at least £250,000 for a client to be eligible, this can be calculated from a collection, or a single vehicle and Hagerty experts will value each client collection with unrivalled accuracy using our market leading valuation data.’

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