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Since going live in February 2016, CyclingIndustry.News has rapidly gained ground in the world of cycling industry B2B publishing, offering industry professionals a daily digest of breaking news, features and trusted analysis. An accompanying trade magazine is published bimonthly.

Written by an editor with more than a decade of experience in bike-specific B2B publishing, as well as a roster of industry experts adding regular contribution, CyclingIndustry.News can be relied upon for timely and accurate industry data, market trend analysis and the discovery of opportunities to help drive your sales.

Trade Journal


Dipping into print toward the tail end of 2016 with its debut Trade Journal, CyclingIndustry.News now has six print magazines a year circulated as a hard copy to the UK bicycle industry, but read digitally as far afield as Australia and the U.S.

With the editorial focus concentrated on education, analysis and market data the industry feedback on issue one was almost unanimously “I read it cover to cover”. We warmly welcome industry input and with each issue will carry a smattering of trade opinions, so if you’d like to be involved, let us know.


With a further reach running into the tens of thousands across our social media platforms CyclingIndustry.News is perhaps the trade’s most active B2B in the bicycle industry. You can follow us on:

Twitter: @cyclingindustry, @marksuttonbike
Instagram: CyclingIndustryNews


In the UK bicycle business and want to lay your hands on a copy? Sign up here, or simply flick page to page online here.

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