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Works-made Mini EVs

Tuesday, 25 January 2022 at 0:00:00 UTC


Al Suttie

BMW to build classic Mini EVs

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BMW-owned MINI will create new battery-powered classic Minis from Plant Oxford as part of its MINI Recharged project.

The company says the electric conversion of classic Minis was thought of long before it launched its modern MINI Electric model and it was inspired by the popularity of the one-off car built in 2018 and displayed at the New York Auto Show.

The Mini EV has reversible changes made to its structure to accommodate the battery and motor. This makes it possible for the car to be returned to its original petrol engine propulsion in the future.
A 90kW electric motor powers the car and it will have a realistic range of around 100 miles on a full charge. It will be capable of 0-62mph in 9.0 seconds.

Bernd Körber, Head of the MINI Brand said: ‘What the project team are developing preserves the character of the classic Mini and enables its fans to enjoy all-electric performance. With MINI Recharged, we are connecting the past with the future of the brand.’

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