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Supercharged 911 from Theon

Thursday, 11 November 2021 at 0:00:00 UTC


Al Suttie

Theon reveals supercharged 911 air-cooled engine

Electrogenic image_edited.jpg

Theon Design has revealed its 3.6-litre Porsche flat-six air-cooled engine design with Rotrex supercharger. The engine develops 450bhp and 368lb ft of torque, and it will be used in the company’s latest bespoke commission customer car.

The motor will be used in a 964-based car and the Rotrex supercharger was chosen for its linear power delivery and ease of integration. Company founder Adam Hawley said: ‘We wanted to deliver additional performance but also maintain the seamless delivery of a Porsche naturally-aspirated engine, so chose a Rotrex centrifugal supercharger.

‘Effectively a belt-driven turbocharger, it gives a wonderful, linear power delivery and instant throttle response with no delay or lag. It was crucial to us that the Porsche flat-six sound was undiluted and we’re very pleased with the results: the supercharger has a very subtle “whine” so the flat-six is still front and centre, with some wonderful added character.’

Theon has spent six months developing the supercharged engine installation, using existing air conditioner brackets to help mount the supercharger. Water-methanol injection is also used to do away with the need for an intercooler that would otherwise take up space in the compact engine bay.

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