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Porsche hosts resto challenge

Thursday, 24 February 2022 at 10:30:00 UTC


Al Suttie

US Porsche Restoration Challenge is back for 2022

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Porsche Classic North America has announced the return of its Restoration Challenge. This invites US Porsche dealerships to restore one of the company’s vehicles and compete for overall victory.

The Restoration Challenge is designed to encourage more Porsche dealers to be involved with classic cars. For 2022, there are expected to be more than 60 dealers across the US entering the competition, which is a 50% increase on 2021.

Jonathan Sieber, Manager Porsche Classic in the US, said: ‘The mission of Porsche Classic and our dealer partners is to go above and beyond every day to keep vintage cars on the road and driving just as well as the moment they left the factory. With the Restoration Challenge, dealers and service teams are able to showcase their skills and capabilities while revitalising these dream machines. Our inaugural competition in 2021 produced some truly stunning examples of classic Porsche sports cars, and we expect even more from our participants this year.’

The entries will be judged by a panel of experts from Porsche Cars North America, looking at the standard of work, authenticity, and documentation. Eligible cars range from the earliest 356s all the way to first Boxster and Cayenne models.

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