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New TR6 throttle linkages

Friday, 19 November 2021 at 0:00:00 UTC


Al Suttie

Enginuity launches new TR6 throttle linkage

Electrogenic image_edited.jpg

A billet aluminium and stainless steel throttle linkage for the Triumph TR6 has been launched by Enginuity.

The company has developed the kit over several years and has already installed three on customer cars. Using adjustable rose joints, the kit is designed to give a smoother and more responsive throttle feel. It also claims to give better idling as all three inlet manifolds will be closed at idle, so the metering unit has the correct vacuum reading.

During driving, Enginuity says the kit also delivers more power as the new set-up allows for fully open throttles where the original system rarely opened fully.

Prices start from £325 plus VAT.

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