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Lunaz cleans up with XK120

Monday, 20 June 2022 at 14:30:00 UTC


CCB staff

EV Jaguar uses upcycled ocean plastics

Electrogenic image_edited.jpg

Electrified classic car builder Lunaz has unveiled a 1952 Jaguar XK120 that uses upcycled plastics in place of leather and other traditional materials.

The interior of the car uses no leather, while the carpets are woven from reclaimed fishing nets, and the carpet backing is made from marine plastic. Seats have been constructed using recycled aluminium.

The car was commissioned by a customer who insisted on a leather-free interior. However, there is still a traditional burr walnut dashboard.

David Lorenz, founder of Lunaz, said: ‘Lunaz customers delight in every element of the commissioning, design, restoration and electrification process. To reflect the conclusion of this long and involved journey, we like to create something special related to the build. We have been delighted to work with Arthur Sleep on the creation of bespoke shoes made from the same non-leather material that finishes the seats of this beautiful, electrified Jaguar XK120.’

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