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Hagerty partners StarterMotor

Tuesday, 29 March 2022 at 15:00:00 UTC


Al Suttie

StarterMotor charity gains Hagerty sponsor

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The StarterMotor charity that encourages younger enthusiasts to become involved with classic cars is now being sponsored by Hagerty.

The deal will see Hagerty as Principle Sponsor with a presence at various events while providing insurance and partnership benefits to the Bicester Heritage-based charity.

David Withers, Chief Executive of StarterMotor, said: ‘There is a clear need to engage a new generation, to encourage them to take up careers in the historic vehicle industry and to enjoy historic cars. StarterMotor has partnerships with educational facilities, colleges and apprenticeship schemes and provides vehicles and other resources for their students to not only learn from, but also to use in competitions, events and shows.”

Mark Roper, Managing Director for Hagerty International, said: ‘Engaging the next generation of classic car enthusiasts has long been a key objective of Hagerty, and we already run a series of global education and promotional activities to do just that.

‘Working with StarterMotor allows us to focus on the UK market, and we have a host of initiatives, soon to launch, which will excite and appeal to young enthusiasts looking for a career in the classic and collector car industry.’

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