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Hagerty Marketplace online auctions launched in US

Friday, 4 November 2022 at 11:15:00 UTC


Al Suttie

Hagerty adds online auction to portfolio

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Following Hagerty’s acquisition of the Broad Arrow Group auction firm earlier in 2022, the company has announced its new Hagerty Marketplace online auction platform in the US.

The company says its aim is to offer sellers and buyers a more trusted and easier to use platform. Each seller will have a dedicated auction team member to provide support with the sale and logistics.

Buyers using the Hagerty Marketplace will provide a US government-issued identification and credit card before bidding to ensure there is a genuine person behind each bid.

Kenneth Ahn, President of Hagerty Marketplace, said: ‘Over the past few years, the collector car industry has seen exceptional growth in demand for online car auctions, driven by the convenience of bidding from practically anywhere. But when car collectors are buying and selling five, six, or seven-figure cars online, we believe there are areas for significant improvement over the status quo.

‘Our goal is to provide an online auction platform that is differentiated by trust, with unparalleled level of service and data-driven expertise. We are excited to launch Hagerty’s Marketplace online auctions and we are committed to continuing to innovate and grow along with this emerging market.’

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