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GTO moves to Italy

Tuesday, 8 February 2022 at 0:00:00 UTC


Al Suttie

GTO Parts opens in Italy

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UK company GTO Engineering has opened a branch of its components division GTO Parts in Modena, Italy.

The move comes in response to difficulties created by Brexit and European shipping customs. The new parts division will open in the Spring of 2022 to provide an off-the-shelf service for Ferrari owners, restorers and garages servicing these cars.

A key aim of opening the Italian base for GTO Parts is to reduce delivery times to the company’s European customers and give complete transparency for shipping and duty costs.

Mark Lyon, founder and Managing Director of GTO Engineering, said: ‘We’ve been wanting to open an Italian base for GTO Engineering and GTO Parts for a long time. Being Ferrari specialists and focusing on Ferrari and other Italian marques for parts, it is a natural progression for the company.
‘We know that we are not alone with the frustrations of shipping, customs and duties for items sent from the UK to Europe post-Brexit. Our response has been to invest in a new base for our company to help reduce some of the hassle and confusion for our customers, and also to source parts from European sellers.

‘We will now be able, with clarity, to confirm the exact duty to be paid and ensure only one set of VAT/taxes will be applicable, compared to our current predicament that duties are paid by European clients on receipt of items sent by us from the UK.’

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