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GTO creates first 250 schematics

Tuesday, 22 March 2022 at 14:30:00 UTC


Al Suttie

First technical drawings of Ferrari 250 created by GTO

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GTO Engineering has created the first ever technical schematic drawings of the Ferrari 250.

The British firm will make the drawings available in print and digitally, and has created a complete set of drawings for the 250 model series from 1959 to 1964.

Using computer aided design (CAD), the company has produced 33 drawings that are collated over 80 pages into a book that can now be bought for £99.95.

Mark Lyon, Founder and Managing Director of GTO Engineering, said: ‘Seeing the complete schematics for the 250 series of Ferraris finished is an emotional feeling. I remember, before we embarked upon this project, adapting the schematics for a Ferrari 330 with a pencil and trying to match-up the part numbers. It was a real mess, and only made sense to me. That was when there were parts available on the shelf in the late Eighties, but components soon became unavailable not long after that, so the parts side was void.

‘Ever since that day, with the annotated Ferrari 330 schematics drawings, I’ve wanted to be able to create from scratch our own technical drawings for the 250 series. Today, with our dedicated in-house CAD team, modern technology, engineering know-how and the GTO Parts business, we knew that as a Ferrari specialist we were well-placed to rectify this. I’m proud to present the technical drawings on our website and through a printed catalogue. There’s also a key sense of achievement in that every component within the schematics, matches a valid part number that we can sell to our customers.’

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