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Gateway Auctions now offers online sales

Wednesday, 18 January 2023 at 0:15:00 UTC


Al Suttie

New timed-online classic car sales from Gateway Auctions

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One of the UK’s largest auction firms is now moving into the classic car sector as Gateway Auctions offers timed-online sales with up to 380,000 bidders across its platforms.

Gateway Auctions Classic Cars has been set up with a hand-picked team including Roger Nowell, Sam Grange-Bailey, Theresa Cunliffe, and Fuzz Townshend.

The firm’s first sale will end on Friday 23 February, with onsite viewings available prior to the sale’s end time. Auctions will run every month and cars will be displayed on the six largest bidding platforms including White Label,,,, and

Managing Director David Sunderland said: ‘Last year, we sold around 20,000 individual lots through our construction equipment sales, and despite that volume, each auction runs like clockwork. We’d been looking to branch into classic cars for some time now, since many of our customers share our passion for older, interesting vehicles.

‘I needed someone with expertise in the industry to make it work, and Roger Nowell – who I’ve known for many years, and will run this new part of the business – was that man. Gateway is so pleased to have Roger and his newly-appointed team on board, and we’re really looking forward to opening up our timed-online sales to classic car enthusiasts across the UK.’

Roger Nowell, Gateway Auctions’ Classics Director said: ‘It’s rare for a business to enter the classic car sales market that can offer such a unique mix of features, as Gateway can. Not only will it be the only classic car auction house to operate timed-online sales across the most popular bidding sites, with massive exposure, but it will also be the North West’s only timed-online sale with vehicles physically on site with all the advantages that that brings for buyers and sellers.’

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