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Everrati partners with Hobson

Friday, 23 September 2022 at 15:00:00 UTC


CCB staff

Classic Land Rovers get EV power

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Electric vehicle converter Everrati has announced a partnership with Hobson Industries, which restores and maintains classic Land Rovers as well as providing vehicles for security and defence purposes.

This will be the first time that Hobson has used EV power in the cars it builds and the cars will be used for security and defence projects.

Managing Director of Hobson Industries, Peter Hobson, said: ‘Few companies can match Hobson Industries’ ability to offer through life support management and development of Land Rover heritage vehicles in both military and civilian platforms.

‘Across the markets we serve in the UK and globally, we have established close relationships with the people that trust and depend on us. I am delighted to partner with Everrati Advanced Technologies. I have always said that thanks to us, the Land Rover need never die. With Everrati that statement has never been truer.’

Justin Lunny, CEO of Everrati, added: ‘We are delighted to announce this new partnership with Hobson Industries, a globally renowned expert in every aspect of through-life management of classic Land Rovers. One of the most ubiquitous vehicles in active service in the security and defence sectors around the globe, these industries are increasingly embracing electrification especially where quiet, stealth vehicles are required.’

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