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DB5 Junior unveiled

Wednesday, 2 March 2022 at 9:30:00 UTC


Al Suttie

Little Car Company reveals Aston Martin DB5 Junior

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The Little Car Company has added an Aston Martin DB5 Junior to its model line-up and it comes with official approval from Aston’s factory driver Darren Turner.

Developed with input from Aston Martin, the DB5 Junior is a two-thirds scale replica of the real thing from the outside. A genuine DB5 was 3D scanned to create accurate drawings for the Junior.

Under the skin, power comes from a 6.7bhp electric motor that can be used in three modes. The Novice setting restricts power to the rear wheels at 1.3bhp to keep top speed to 12mph. Or, it can be used in Expert mode to give a top speed of 30mph, though the Junior can only be used on private land. A Competition set-up gives full performance.

There is also a DB5 Junior Vantage model on offer, which comes with a Vantage mode that increases power to 13.4bhp. It’s accessed using a hidden ‘missile’ switch. This model also has a carbon-fibre body to reduce weight and increase performance.

Only 1059 DB5 Juniors will be built, each costing from £35,000, or £45,000 for the Vantage.

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