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Classic fans donate ambulances

Thursday, 17 March 2022 at 10:30:00 UTC


Al Suttie

Two ambulances for Ukraine from UK classic fans

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Classic car fans Richard and Gosia Myers are preparing two emergency vehicles to help with the life-saving mission in Ukraine. A first-generation Land Freelander is being readied as a First Reponse car with assistance from local businesses around the Myers’ New Forest base.

Richard said: ‘Having team members with direct family ties to Eastern Europe, we couldn't stand by and do nothing,” said Richard. “We decided to donate two vehicles to the Ukrainian Medical Services. The first (Land Rover Freelander) has just undergone a conversion to a First Response car and will be kitted out with medical supplies, spinal boards & trauma kits. The second (Fiat Ducato) is ready to be converted into a frontline Ambulance.

‘Once the second one is completed, we will drive them straight to the Poland-Ukraine border and hand them to a representative from the Ukrainian Medical Services.’

The Ambulances4Ukraine team are working with the full support and guidance of the Ukraine Embassy in London, as well as receiving huge support from Thurston, Condor Ferries, Guernsey Transport Solutions and A-Cute Medical. They are still in urgent need of emergency roof bars and beacons for the vehicles, along with sterile medical equipment.

Kyiv resident and friend of Richard and Gosia, Inna Dashchenko, said: ‘Our medical defenders are waiting for these vehicles to evacuate wounded people from Bucha, Irpen and other hot points. To carry wounded soldiers from the battle fields to hospitals... the vehicles will do so many good things.’

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