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CCA reports strong collections sales

Monday, 11 April 2022 at 11:30:00 UTC


Al Suttie

Private collections selling well says CCA

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Classic Car Auctions (CCA) reports there is strong interest for collections at its sales, with three in 2022 already recording a 100% sale rate.

Recently, CCA has dealt with three very different types of collection, ranging from a deceased estate to a number of Jaguar and Land Rovers from a collector. The firm also handled 15 collection sales in 2021 and achieved a 100% sale rate for these too.

Gary Dunne, CCA Sales Manager, said: ‘There is quite a market for cars coming from a collection, we find our buyers are very open to a project but also to a car that has been well cared for. If it comes from a collection, then the buyer will feel very comfortable in purchasing it.’

Dunne added: ‘We are seeing an increase in the number of collections being offered and at our recent sale we managed three very different types of collections from the initial opening of the doors to preparing the cars for viewing on the sale weekend.

‘Certainly from experience, whether it is a solicitor wishing to sell a deceased estate for a family, or simply a client with a large collection, they often ask how much of the sale process can CCA can look after. We pride ourselves on having a full solution, working with our partners to extract the cars, load them onto trucks and store them ready for auction day.’

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