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Burlen acquires Austin name

Tuesday, 6 September 2022 at 8:15:00 UTC


Al Suttie

Austin trademark to rename J40 Motor Company

Electrogenic image_edited.jpg

Burlen has acquired the Austin trademark and will rename its pedal car company as Austin Pedal Cars Ltd.

Formerly the J40 Motor Company, run by Burlen to restore and provide parts for the classic pedal cars, Austin Pedal Cars will begin trading with immediate effect.

Mark Burnett, Burlen’s Managing Director, said ‘Austin, as a brand, will live on in our hands, keeping the name alive and educating future generations in the importance of automotive history and giving them the first steps into car ownership.

‘Austin will do this by creating further Austin models whilst also enhancing our parts, clubs and community offering. J40 Motor Company will continue to serve the established J40 community, continuing all the good work the J40 Motor Company name has become renowned for.’

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