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Young Driver acquires rare Atco Junior


Al Suttie

One-of-two young driver training cars acquired

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Young Driver has acquired a rare 1938 Atco Junior SafetyFirst Trainer to help promote its driver skills courses for young people.

The 98cc Villiers-powered Atco is one of 200 built pre-war and thought to be one of two survivors.

Ian Mulingani, Young Driver’s Managing Director, said: ‘We hope to have our Atco SafetyFirst up and running very soon so that we can demonstrate it at some of our venues and tell its remarkable story to our new generation of young drivers.’

He added: ‘We’re passionate about classic cars. We offer the option of trying one of our classics - a pre-war Austin Seven, Morris Minor or a ‘60s Vauxhall VX 4/90. If young drivers can master one of these, they have a far greater appreciation of how a modern, geared, ICE-driven vehicle works, which ultimately improves their driving skills.

The company offers classic car driving courses to 10- to 17-year olds.

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