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Restomod and EV cars boost BMH to record production

Wednesday, 4 January 2023 at 15:00:00 UTC


Al Suttie

BMH has record year in 2022

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British Motor Heritage has reported its busiest ever year in 2022, with production boosted by demand from electric vehicle convertors and restomod builders.

In total, BMH produced 78 bodyshells, with 45 Mini shells of all types and 32 MGB Roadster and GT shells. It was also the first year that BMH produced an MG Midget shell since 2019.

BMH Managing Director Graham Payne said: ‘Last year was certainly a very busy one, that’s more than justified our ongoing investment in the refurbishment of the original BMC/Leyland tooling, the invaluable hardware which makes us the only company able to produce replacement bodyshells to the exact specification of the originals.

‘Where our products do differ from the originals, however, is in the quality of the steel and the OE specification primer in which all our parts are finished, thus ensuring far better longevity. As things currently stand, it looks as though this year could be at least as busy as 2022 was.’

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