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Motul and NMM partner

Thursday, 3 March 2022 at 17:00:00 UTC


Al Suttie

National Motor Museum to use Motul oils

Electrogenic image_edited.jpg

The National Motor Museum has appointed Motul as its lubricants partner to supply oil and fluids to almost 300 vehicles in the museum’s collection.

As part of the deal, Motul is installing its recently-launched BioClean parts washing system into the Beaulieu workshop. The system does away with the harmful solvents usually used to clean dirty automotive parts and replaces them with an all-in-one efficient, environmentally friendly parts cleaning system that consists of a wash stand and a water-based cleaning fluid.

Motul UK’s Andy Wait said: ‘We are really excited to be working with our country’s National Motor Museum again. It is testimony to the breadth and depth of Motul’s product range that we are able to cater for so many of the vehicles they have on site, and we relish the prospect of developing our relationship with Beaulieu.’

Beaulieu’s Chief Engineer Doug Hill added: ‘Motul has consistently been at the cutting edge of lubricant and automotive technology, and has a history that is second-to-none but it is always looking to the future. This is very important for us, and we look forward to moving forward with them as partners, and making full use of what they have to offer.’

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