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Hagerty wins Industry Supporter award

Friday, 18 November 2022 at 9:45:00 UTC


Al Suttie

Historic Motoring Awards names Hagerty as 2022 Industry Supporter

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Hagerty has been named as the 2022 Industry Supporter of the Year at the Historic Motoring Awards.

The award was given in recognition of its wide-ranging efforts to promote the classic car hobby and sector.

One judge said: ‘As an insurance company, Hagerty could just sit back and collect premiums from its customers but, instead, it is a driving force in the classic car field, involved in almost every facet. The Festival of the Unexceptional and RADwood are the types of events that will broaden the group of car collectors. Kudos to Hagerty’

James Elliott, Editor-in-chief of Octane magazine, said: ‘The expansion of Hagerty into new fields in the past couple of years has been quite extraordinary. It now underpins an astonishing array of events across the globe and has gone from being at the core of the classic car industry to also being at the core of the hobby.’

Receiving the award for Hagerty, the firm’s Managing Director Mark Roper added: ‘It was a genuine honour to receive this prestigious award on behalf of Hagerty, especially against such esteemed company, Hagerty is committed to being at the heart of global car culture and the enthusiast industry, and to be recognised for our efforts is incredibly rewarding. 2023 will bring an enhanced event offering, new products and services and many exciting ways for enthusiasts to interact with Hagerty, and I look forward to supporting the classic car industry in new and innovative ways in the year ahead.’

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