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Ford launches online Heritage Vault

Thursday, 8 December 2022 at 9:45:00 UTC


Al Suttie

Ford UK launches digital archive

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Ford in the UK has launched its Heritage Vault as an online archive of images and brochures.

The Heritage Vault is free to use and download assets for personal use, and it also acts as a useful research tool.

More than 1600 images have been added to the UK Heritage Vault, adding to the US version that has 10,000 assets available.

Ted Ryan, Ford archive and heritage brand manager, said: ‘Making our archives accessible for everyone online is a real passion project for me and the team. Looking back through Ford’s history not only helps to educate but can serve as inspiration as we accelerate our transformation into an all-electric and software-driven vehicle company.’

This move is part of a larger move to create a new Heritage and Innovation Centre at Daventry, which now houses Ford’s heritage fleet that was previously garaged in Dagenham.

Ford’s new site will provide access to a physical library containing brochures, owners’ manuals, and advertising materials of Ford’s UK history. Other artifacts from the collection will also be on display. The site relocation from Dagenham has been orchestrated by Len Keen, Ford Heritage and Innovation Communications, with the help of a dedicated volunteer group of ex-Ford retiree team members.

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