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Custodian aims to offer free-to-use classic vehicle archive

Thursday, 20 October 2022 at 9:15:00 UTC


Al Suttie

Classic vehicle management firm looking to free use future

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Classic car vehicle document management firm Custodian is seeking to crowdsource the future of specialist cars by pooling specialist knowledge.

The firm says its unique software will allow it to offer unbiased information to its users and the wider classic car world. It says this information will help increase the value of a car, and make it simpler to find the right specialist to work on a car.

Charles Clegg, CEO of Custodian, said: ‘As a lifelong car enthusiast, I know that the collective information that exists within the community has been largely subjective, anecdotal, disparate and unstructured. With our proprietary software, we’re applying the very latest data science and technology to make it objective, peer-reviewed, centrally held and organised.

‘Using our platform, all that priceless knowledge and insight that’s currently scattered across the classic car world could be untangled and organised; safe, secure, transparent and accessible, helping everyone make more informed buying and care decisions - and, we hope, prevent people from making the costly mistakes nearly every classic or specialist car enthusiast has made along the way. As our community grows, so does the library of knowledge that previously risked being lost forever.’

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