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Bicester Heritage is StarterMotor’s biggest donor

Wednesday, 23 November 2022 at 16:45:00 UTC


Al Suttie

StarterMotor receives £20,691 from Scrambles in 2022

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Bicester Heritage’s Scramble events have raised £20,691 for the StarterMotor charity in 2022.

Ticket sales for the popular Scrambles helped generate the amount, making Bicester Heritage the single largest donor to StarterMotor in 2022.

StarterMotor offers career awareness days, work experience, and the opportunity to drive the charity’s classic fleet. It also provides representation at events, including the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, and opportunities for the future generation of motoring enthusiasts to learn new skills.

Dave Withers, Chief Executive, StarterMotor, said: ‘Bicester Heritage has been a principal supporter of StarterMotor from the beginning, and donations, particularly through Scrambles but in other areas too, have helped expand the charity mission year after year. Our youth ambassadors, volunteers and all the young beneficiaries are hugely grateful.

Daniel Geoghegan, Chief Executive Officer, added: ‘Our Scramble events truly are the best opportunity to experience Bicester Heritage at its best, and our intention is always to welcome as many interested local parties as possible to join us for these celebrations of both classics and modern machines. With 2022 having celebrated a plethora of events, I am sure 2023 will provide us with even more opportunity to support StarterMotor and celebrate with enthusiasts of all ages.’

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