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Bicester gets green light

Thursday, 27 January 2022 at 0:00:00 UTC


Al Suttie

Bicester Experience Quarter gets positive response

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Bicester Motion has been given a positive determination for its proposed Experience Quarter. The response was given by Cherwell Planning Committee on 13 January.

The planned Experience Quarter will be built on the former RAF base and comprise four areas. They will cover Heritage, Wilderness, Innovation, and Experience based around automotive, aviation and cycling brands.

Nigel Tipple, Chief Executive for OXLEP (Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership), said: ‘This new development will open up countless opportunities for Bicester and Oxfordshire and create significant benefits locally and nationally – including economic growth, training/job opportunities and new cultural leisure activities for residents and visitors alike.’

Daniel Geoghegan, CEO of Bicester Motion, added: ‘The Experience Quarter will act as a location for businesses to connect with all ages, making a range of experiences and motion-based opportunities accessible to all. As we continue with the delivery of our masterplan and the wider Bicester Motion site, the Experience Quarter provides the missing link between our historic site and the future, not only of benefit to Bicester and the local area but also of benefit to the UK as a whole.’

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