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Anglo American Oil acquires Classic Fuel Solutions

Monday, 12 December 2022 at 10:15:00 UTC


Al Suttie

Leading classic fuel supplier under new ownership

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Classic Fuel Solutions has been acquired by Anglo American Oils and will continue to supply 1-5 high octane fuel for motorcycle and historic vehicle racing.

Classic Fuel Solutions (CFS) has become well known for its Formula 105 fuel, which is ethanol-free and unleased.

CFS has been run by Chris Hatherall and Debbie Downes, and they said: ‘It was a tough decision to hand over the Classic Fuel Solutions brand, but we believe that we’ve have found the perfect company to continue our work. Anglo American Oil Company has all the experience and an amazing blending plant to enable a smooth transition, so we are excited to see how the brand will develop in the future.’

Anders Hildebrand of Anglo American Oil Company Ltd added: ‘We are very excited to take over the mantel of promoting the Classic Fuel Solutions brand, not only on the UK market but also in Europe and in the Middle East, alongside Sunoco and R racing fuels.

‘We believe that with our expertise and experience we can add to what Chris and Debbie have achieved in just five years and quickly grow the brand. We’ve already decided to rebrand the R Storage fuels to Classic Fuel Solutions Storage Plus and Classic Fuel Solutions Storage 5-Star to broaden the brand. These increasingly popular two storage fuels are currently being offered through over 500 garden machinery dealers.’

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