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‘Uneconomic’ Ferrari restored

Wednesday, 16 February 2022 at 0:00:00 UTC


Al Suttie

Ferrari Dino brought back to perfect condition

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The Ferrari Dino 246 that appeared on the company’s stand at the 1969 Frankfurt Motor Show has undergone a meticulous restoration despite being described as ‘it just didn’t look economically viable to attempt to return it to its former glory.’

However, Bell Sport and Classic took on the job and has restored the 53,400-mile Dino to what it says is a concours-level standard and arguably the best Dino in the world right now.

Project leader Paul Ensor said: ‘The car had been restored twice before in its life already, but lacked real care and precision. It was painted Rosso Corsa red instead of the original Rosso Dino, which has a more ‘orangey’ hue, the leather trim was incorrect too – it was black and red as opposed to the black with orange seat towelling interior fitted at the factory. And that was just for starters. When we delved deeper, we realised that there were plenty of other problems to address too.’

The firm’s Elliot East added: ‘Rust plagued the inner wings and the misshapen front and rear valances. The ‘scoops’ on the door panels did not align with those on the body, neither in terms of height nor angle, the wheel arch heights didn’t match from one side of the car to the other and the rear roofline was off-kilter. And those were just the things we could see. We also found that at some stage replacement front wing panels had been welded on top of the original items. The same ‘technique’ had been used on the sills and rocker panels, which meant the seam lines had been lost and rust had been locked in underneath.”

Tim Kearns, Managing Director of Bell Sport and Classic, said: ‘Like every project we undertake, bringing the Dino 246 GT back to be life has been a true labour of love and most definitely not a clock-watching exercise. No amount of time, expense or attention to detail has been spared in ensuring the car is now in even better condition than when it left the factory.’

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